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i am so attached with this video… really like the way Brother Bakar presented his beautiful story and wonderful experienced to the audience in a fun a meaningful way… the way he told the difference between Christianity and Islam and other religions..(it is quite funny) his eagerness leads him to learn and find what the meaning of Islam and later embraces Islam.. Subhanallah

  1. Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of men,
  2. The King of men,
  3. The god of men,
  4. From the evil of the whispering of the slinking (Shaitan),
  5. Who whispers into the hearts of men,
  6. From among the jinn and the men.

Avoid patient..once you’re failed,never tired to get up and run again 🙂Image

My Dream Vacation

Amsterdam is one of the most prettiest place to yeah..I can’t wait!!

By Sharifah Sofia

what is good comes from Allah, what is wrong is only from myself.

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