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i am so attached with this video… really like the way Brother Bakar presented his beautiful story and wonderful experienced to the audience in a fun a meaningful way… the way he told the difference between Christianity and Islam and other religions..(it is quite funny) his eagerness leads him to learn and find what the meaning of Islam and later embraces Islam.. Subhanallah

firstly, i would like to start to tell you guys about my sister.She was born in 1991. so she just one year older than me.but mostly people refer me as her older sister…hmm -__-! am wondering whether that was be a compliment or not.. sadly people say that i looked much older than 😛

So ..yeah when we were both grew older, we’re get more closer day by day… perhaps she may be the one were always on my side.. she may be the one who always thought me to be firm and stronger in life..

P/s: Loveyoumuchsis xoxoxo ❤ 


Da’wah is a duty

most Muslims know that is Islam is universal religion,meant for all mankind. Allah s.w.t is the Lord of the entire Universe, and Muslims have been entrusted with the duty of conveying His message to all mankind.While accepting Islam as the best way of life for ourselves, most of us are unwilling to share this knowledge white those to whom the message has not yet been conveyed. 


The Arabic word Da’wah means a call or an invitation. In Islamic context, it means to strive for the propagation of Islam.The Glorious Qur’an says:

“Ah! Who is more unjust than those who conceal the testimony they have from Allah? But Allah is not unmindful of what ye do!” (Al-Qur’an:2:140) 


what a moment!

what a moment!

Brother Lim,his cute son and my sisters ^_^

Interesting book to know more about Islam in a more fun way~

This book is introduced by amazingly awesome bro Lim.. 😉

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I love doing what my brother and sister like..they both are so crazy and amazing~My brother thought me to play drum..yeah unfortunately i don’t really get the tempo~ seriously it is not that easy.. ;-)So i think it is better if i just enjoy looking at em…ahhahaaha My brother is super talented guy..he can almost plays most of the music instruments in the room..acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drum and violin~ wohoo..and my sis just like to play everything randomly..she likes being so random.. hehe 😛 And me myself know nothing about this stuff but indeed love and really enjoying their superb performance..i know their performance is not like a pro musician..but then i love it so much..and not to forget i had requested a few songs from him to play..ahaha.. great!!!

Islamic Relief Worldwide

I’m find this one so i sign up to be a volunteer for IR Malaysia 😀

I love this one so much..

New Year..New wishlists??

  1. Dinner party with my big family ^_^ lemme be the chef..wondering what would they think about my cooking skill..first, i will suggest to my siblings to manage the party..we should include awesome menu in town!!hah ha..and not to forget funny games.and how about planned a theme party??.. So this sounds lame.. but i would suggest to make dinner, cheese fondue, pop-culture trivia night, pool party and BBQ, murder mystery…and the place i would suggest that it will be held at any cool beach at night!! and fun performances which is everyone should prepare one!! excluding my grandparents.. 😀 and at the end of the party i want everyone of us to tell what they feel and maybe any suggestions for another awesome family activities.. InsyaAllah 🙂
  2. my second wishlist would be..ermm i would love to be a you know what?? a backpacked traveler..with my sister and my brothers 😀 it would be awwwsomeeeee!! i bet ya! am thinking of beautiful nature that Allah’s created for all Hokkaido in Japan or maybe anywhere else~don’t really bother.. 🙂 😀 :-*
  3. My last wishlist would be :p wanna buy lots of stuff..heheheh i have lots of fun   hanging out with my bff a.k.a my sister.. our sense of fashion and etc are just too good to be true!!  




By Sharifah Sofia

what is good comes from Allah, what is wrong is only from myself.

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